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Kids just like adults and they need better things in life. They expect joy and happiness from their daily activities. Parents are the people mandated to make their kids happy. However, some parents also make their children enraged either intentionally or involuntarily. It is therefore prudent for the parents to understand the things that they can do best or worst to their children. This essay explains two best things and worst things that the parents can do to or for their kids (Thompson, Grace & Cohen, 2001).
Parents can appreciate their children when they do good things. Youngones, like appreciation either by word of mouth or through a gift. When children are commended for showing some effort, they will be motivated and feel happy. Some of the memorable events adults recall, are the memories of the positive comments that were made to them by their parents in their childhood (Pelander & Leino‐Kilpi, 2010).
Parents can also act best when they teach their children the virtues of life such as obedience, persistence, kindness, and love. Such teachings are treasurable for the children than anything else. They are the best investment parents can make to the life of their children because the virtues will help them to be successful in life (Thompson, Grace & Cohen, 2001).
coporal punishment
Corporal punishment is the worst thing a patent can do to his or her child. Corporal punishment ruins the child’s relationship with his or her parent in life and can also affect his or her health.
Insults and negative comments are also some of the worst things parents can do to their children. Insults make the kids antisocial when they become adults and hence ruining their relationship with others (Thompson, Grace & Cohen, 2001).
Parents should, therefore, be cautious about the actions they do to their youngones because those actions can have permanent positive or negative effects on their children’s life.
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